HQD Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation With ZUTI
96 2022-12-16
HQD, as a high-tech technology enterprise, firmly follows the path of sci-tech innovation integrated with industry, academia and research. Therefore, it has cooperated with many major universities, research institutes, and enterprises to make the most of leading-edge science and technology in diverse areas, improve the ability of sci-tech innovation and the brand‘s core competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development.

Meanwhile, with rapid development and increasing soft & hard power, HQD has a great demand for high-tech professionals.

In order to introduce and cultivate talents and build an innovative, practical, and strong R&D team, HQD has reached strategic cooperation with the Guangdong Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology (ZUTI). ZUTI has granted HQD as its construction unit of industry-academia-research collaboration.

The two parties have reached cooperation on building open and innovative joint research and talent cultivation platforms, including:
Industry-Academia-Research Co-Cultivation Unit; Postgraduates Joint Training Base; Automation Joint R&D Center; New Material Joint R&D Center.

The cooperation will accelerate HQD‘s special research on e-cigarettes, cross the limits of industrial technology, and further explore innovative and international cooperation between industry, academia, and research, unceasingly meeting the requirements of HQD‘s growth.

This is one of the most important milestones in HQD‘s excellent development.

ZUTI is the first university in the eastern coastal region to be jointly established by the Ministry and Province. Its disciplines, including chemistry, engineering, materials science, environmental science, and ecology, are among the top 1% of the global ESI.

ZUTI has 36 local research institutes established with local governments and leading enterprises.

On the one hand, the cooperation with ZUTI with a strong science and research ability enables HQD to optimize resources and break through sci-tech limitations. 

Industry-Academia-Research Co-Cultivation Unit will promote smooth exchanges between HQD and ZUTI, help HQD explore more cooperation projects of universities, and stimulate its market potential.

Innovation drives enterprises‘ high-quality development, and culture promotes workers‘ advancement.

On the other hand, HQD can strongly support ZUTI‘s research and provide many students with broader development platforms and global views.

HQD has always upheld long-term development goals. Therefore, HQD carries out technological research to solve difficulties in its development. Moreover, it encourages research and talents to keep pace with the world‘s development, promotes transformation from theory to practice and applies advanced technology so as to stay abreast of the new era.

This program will offer HQD innovative momentum, help it construct a time-tested core competitiveness ability, and make significant progress in professional, high-end, and intelligent e-cigarettes.

From the beginning to the present, HQD has had remarkable development. We have made breakthroughs in various areas and obtained numerous significant achievements and awards.

In the future, we will stick to our original goals and go ahead with all of our customers.
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