Cohesion of unity! To create honor and value!
437 2021-03-26
    2021 is still a rapid stage of HQD‘s vigorous development. Since its establishment in 2015, there have been endless bitterness and tough years along the way;
    A kind of advance and creativity originated from the hearts of all employees, with strong vitality and upward tension. Selfless dedication is a kind of feelings, a kind of deep feelings for the enterprise, and thus produces strong cohesion and centripetal force; Selfless dedication is a kind of atmosphere, an atmosphere and environment in which teams and individuals work together to achieve a common vision. Hard work is a kind of responsibility, a kind of belief that regards national prosperity and enterprise development as its own duty and strives for it for life.
    Pioneering and enterprising is the belief of the team, and it is a kind of spirit that dares to be the first, strives for the first class, and never stops; Pioneering and enterprising is a kind of spirit, a kind of unwilling to lag behind, forward development, tenacious and enterprising, the spirit of self-transcendence. With such strength, feelings and beliefs, it is bound to provide a deep foundation and necessary guarantee for the formation of the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    As a global electronic cigarette HQD brand, we need to do our best to do a good job in product quality and users‘ demands. In order to achieve the great goals and unity set by HQD, we will overcome any difficult environment.
The way for wolves to survive is to create a strong living space in the harsh environment;
Wolf‘s group is to organize strong team strength among opponents full of fights;
Wolf‘s wisdom is to compete and surpass among the strong. A person‘s ability is limited, but the ability potential of a team is to magnify countless times;
  Even in the eyes of the world can not exceed the limit. Gu Yan: an excellent team creates excellent team culture, an excellent team culture, and produces excellent people.

    Most of the time, the strength of the team cannot be underestimated. In order to achieve the great goal, HQD pays much more in the process of moving than what is seen on the surface. A product is out of the warehouse, for this, many people are paying silently.
   HQD‘s elite team with thousands of people has strong organizational discipline and is stronger. Only such a team can withstand long-term and cruel market competition and be more capable of winning every future market competition; "Take quality as its own responsibility and users as its basis", "do not compromise, do not waver"; Improve loyalty, cohesion and achieve win-win results with enterprises.

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